A Note from the Founder: 

For many of us, finding a personal role model—someone who has been through what we have, who understands our experiences—is hard. Exceedingly hard. I've personally felt uncertain about what direction to go or who I can turn to. Even at Stanford, a place overflowing with inspirational people, I've been lost.

But I've also been fortunate. I've crossed paths with people who have become my own personal role models, challenged my ways of thinking, pushed me to see new possibilities. Yet for many thousands of students, for some of my closest friends, finding those relatable role models is a daily struggle. How do you believe that you can be a surgeon, if nobody from your community has ever become one? How do you see yourself as a CEO in a community when no other CEOs look like you?

That's how DiverseCity was born. I wanted to create a place where students like me, who are searching for role models, can find role models in people all across the world. Because those role models do exist. It's just a matter of connecting the dots.

And so, I set out to find and interview as many diverse and inspiring and human leaders as I could, then build a place to showcase their stories, their hardships, and their advice. My goal was to use these videos to help jumpstart personal connections between professional role models and students, using these stories as a way to lead to more meaningful in-person relationships. Along the way, an incredible community of team members, leaders, and student voices have coalesced to make this more than just a platform, but a movement as well.

Hopefully, in looking through this site, you will find someone whose story you can connect to. If not, leave us a note and we'll promise to look a little harder.

Right now, our city is pretty small. But it's growing.

Welcome to DiverseCity.

With love,

Christine Chen, Founder of DiverseCity

Powerhouse Team: 

This project would not have been possible with the many incredible hands and minds who brainstormed, interviewed, explored, challenged, and pushed this mission forward: 

  • Dr. Barry Zuckerman, Advisor
  • Dr. Piya Sorcar, Advisor
  • Cynthia Keely, Advisor
  • Vivian Ho
  • David Mora
  • Elizabeth Davis,
  • Sydney Li
  • Nathaniel Okun