We are grateful to our partners in the community. Here are some of the organizations who have used our materials to further their mission of empowerment and learning. 

Edmodo Spotlight

Edmodo Spotlight is an educational platform for both publishers and educators to share meaningful teaching tools/resources. DiverseCity is available as a free resource for teachers across the country via this platform. If you are an educator and have used any of the DiverseCity content in your classroom, we would love to hear about your experiences! 



College Track

College Track is an organization that empowers and supports students through college and beyond. DiverseCity was distributed as a resource on the monthly College Track Insider page, to support students throughout their educational journeys. 


Emerson Collective

Emerson Collective is an organization dedicated to removing barriers to opportunity, so people can live to their full potential. We are humbled by and grateful to the team at Emerson Collective for engaging us with community members and generously sharing resources in support of our efforts.