Olatunde "Tunde" Sobomehin

Founder of StreetCode Academy

About Tunde

Tunde Sobomehin was born in Portland, Oregon to a mixed race family: his father was Nigerian, his mother American. Growing up, he came to appreciate the power of his community coming together around social issues. That sense of social justice has informed his work ever since.

After graduating from Stanford University, Tunde founded his own company, Esface Inc., with a mission to make popular culture positive. He also helped to launch StreetCode Academy, a community-based organization in East Palo Alto to create pathways for new entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers from the community.

His work centers on building economic opportunity for bright minds in East Palo Alto and creating bridges to opportunities in Silicon Valley. 

This is his story. 

To watch Tunde share his perspectives, advice, and insights in a video series, click on his photo above.