Olatunde "Tunde" Sobomehin

Founder and CEO of StreetCode Academy

"I went to a high school that was very diverse...I had friends who felt like school was not for me, but they were always the center of attention. I kept wondering - if you have all that gravitas, how dope would it be if you were pushing academics? I really wanted to prove, to show them, that this is possible. I wanted to show them—when I was busting my tail on court and in the classroom to get good grades, that was to show them that we can do it."


There are people who don’t spend time with young people from these communities. Their conception of who they are is so far from the truth. Their understanding of who they are is so different from what it really is. If I look outside of the window, and see everybody walking—I get a chance to see things that other people don't see. We should be able to see them for who we are. It’s hard when most of the conversation about this community is negative. We have creativity and expression and power: we have so much, and oftentimes we are pushed a narrative that we don’t have a lot. 


"I believe in my family, in community assets, in always doing business that way. It brings more attention to diversity in Silicon Valley. This is our role, to prove ourselves, to bring all the energy of diversity to the Valley."

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